Parks & Recreation

Beach at Stoney LakeThere are plentiful park, recreation and cultural activities available in the City of Lowell including Stoney Lake off Bowes Road (pictured here) and the historic Lowell Showboat which is accessible from the Riverfront property on the Flat River.

The City operates six parks and owns other undeveloped park property that totals 175.87 acres including a 27-acre lake.

Recreation Park, 225 S. Broadway, 30 acres
Richards Park, 320 N. Hudson, 1.86 acres
Creekside Park, 1550 Gee Drive, 22.18 acres
McMahon Park, 830 Shepard Drive, 2.17 acres
Scout Park, 1047 Washington, 27.3 acres
Stoney Lakeside Park, 1200 Bowes Road, 53 acres and 27-acre lake
Rogers Field / Moose Properties, 328 Front Street, 19.5 acres
Upper Bridge Property, 1245 Grand River, 19.86 acres

The City of Lowell maintains a Recreation Master Plan and is reviewed and frequently consulted.  The current recreation plan was approved in February 2018 and is to be renewed every five years. 

Draft Update Five Year Parks and Recreation Plan 2023-2027
The City of Lowell owns and maintains the buildings that house the Englehardt Library and the Lowell Historical Museum.

Englehardt Branch – Kent District Library
200 N. Monroe
Lowell, Mi. 49331