Pay Water and Tax Bills Online

The City of Lowell has contracted with BS&A Software and Point & Pay companies to offer you the option to pay your Utility Bills and Property Tax Bills by credit card at City Hall, online or by phone at 855-839-7016. To view their fees for using this payment option, please click here: Fee Schedules.

1.    Choose the search option on the left for the type of bill you wish to pay 
        (i.e. property tax, utility bill).
2.    Choose your preferred search method (i.e. account number, name, parcel number)
        and proceed with your search.
3.    Your account information is displayed.  If an amount is due, it will show in the total 
        space.  If no amount is due, there will not be a total shown.  
        * Select the history screen to view past due amounts and late fees.
4.    If you wish to pay the amount shown, select the "pay" button, and you 
        will be directed to the "Point and Pay" page and receive further instructions 
        for making your payment.

To start the Online Payment process, click here:  View and Pay